Stop Assaulting The Skin Barrier


Stop Assaulting The Skin Barrier

Stop assulting the skins barrier!


Biome botanicals was born from the need to care for our skin whilst maintaining its natural balance. ¬†As with everything in life balance is key. Let’s face it, we’ve grown up being told that the cleaner something is the better, however research has proven this to not be true. What is true is that we must nurture and protect the existing natural flora we already harbour (both good and bad). Have you noticed that although there are exhaustive numbers of products out there claiming to fix this skin issue and heal that skin irritation, we seem to be having more skin issues than ever. Did you know sensitive skin is the fastest growing category in cosmetics – yet perfect skin still seems to be elusive to most – despite all the products on offer!


The skin microbiome is home to one trillion organisms. These organisms consist of over 1000 different bacterial species, around 80 different fungi species, a plethora of viruses and a few mites. The SALT- or skin-associated lymphoid tissue, is highly active. In fact, each square centimeter of skin contains over a million commensal bacteria and over a million lymphocytes (white blood cells). Thats a one-to-one bug:lymphocyte ratio (bad vs good). By using antibacterial products, sopas and antiperspirant deodorants we are killing off all the good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria which can have a destabilising effect on the skins ecosystem.


We all know probiotics are a great way to maintain a healthy gut biome… but what about the skin biome?