Probiotics for Skin


Probiotics for Skin

Historically we have learned that skincare is about keeping the skin clean so applying to the skin a bacteria in the form of a probiotic may seem counterproductive – right? Well no…. Scientists are now proving that the bacteria found on our skin is actually there to protect us. And with the development of new skin care products comes the inclusion of probiotics.


Probiotics contain good bacteria and we know that good bacteria work in multiple ways:

  • Protect against inflammatory skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema.
  • Occupy a wide range of areas on the skin to create a barrier against harmful pathogens and microorganisms.
  • Interact with our cutaneous immune system to promote a healthy immune response.
  • Prevent and treat acne.
  • Decrease skin inflammation and redness.
  • Act as antioxidants to prevent sun damage and aging.
  • Support healing of burns and scars.


We understand the importance of maintaining balance to the skins microbiome in order to prevent disease. So theoretically topical probiotics should restore and nurture the balance to the biome. Research supports the notion that creams and lotions infused with bacteria can help with the healing process of numerous skin issues.